Mr Larry Kanoa


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I was born in Mooroopna. My dad is Peter Kanoa Rotumah. My mum’s a Gunditjmara woman, part of the Lovett clan down in south west Victoria.

I did live on the river at Daish’s Paddock for about three months of my life. Then we moved down to Heywood and grew up down around there and went to school there. Six kids in the family, but it was always extended family because we grew up with our cousins.

We all grew up out of Heywood, down the bottom end. One of my first jobs was as a field officer with the Aboriginal Legal Service. I actually covered the whole of the western district, not like these guys today. I was based here (Ballarat) and I went to Geelong, Horsham, Heywood and all points in between. That was good, because we made sure that our kids and our people were represented at the court.

From the Legal Service, I went into education for about 12 years and started off as a Koori cross-sectoral coordinator, which meant I had to be across all sections of education – from early childhood right through further education and adult education. They changed their roles from cross-sectoral coordinator to KEDO’s which stands for Koori education development officers. I spent a lot of time developing Koori curriculum. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen anymore because people don’t like the truth about Koori culture and Koori heritage being in the curriculum. Which is a bit of a pity.

From there I went to the Department of Sustainability and Environment as the Indigenous partnership coordinator. Part of the job there was developing partnerships with the community and the department as well as creating employment opportunities within the department.

Present day I do the broker Indigenous Broker role and my job is to roll out the new representative arrangements broker networks.

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