: Reducing Offending and Strengthening Correctional Accountability for a Safer Victoria

Mar 2011

The Human Rights Law Resource Centre (HRLRC) have put together a Briefing Paper on ‘Corrections Reform for a Fair, Safer and More Just Victoria.’ The Briefing paper recommends actions of the Baillieu Government in line with their public commitments.

The HRLRC has recommended the Baullieu Government should:

· strengthen evidence-based correctional and community policies and programs which target causes of offending, promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism; and

· establish an independent, effective, publicly accountable and adequately resourced prison inspectorate to monitor and report on prison operations and conditions.

The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service congratulate the HRLRC on beginning this conversation with the Baillieu Government and the community. The Briefing Paper can be downloaded by clicking here or clcik on the document icon below.